Wedding Events Worksheet

Please fill this worksheet out in it’s entirety and submit to us no later than 30 days prior to your wedding. For an LGBTQ-friendly worksheet, please click here.

Please note – once submitted, any changes to this need to be made via email. Please avoid any changes 7 days prior to your event. 

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Your Name (required)

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Wedding Date (required)

Bride's Name(required)

Groom's Name (required)

Reception Location (required)

Reception Starting & Ending Time (required)

Estimated Number of Guests Attending (required)

Approximate Time Food Will Begin Being Served (required)

Will Grace Be Said Before the Meal? (required)

Who Will Lead Grace? (required)

Will There Be a Toast? (required) (Toast will begin after last table has gone through line)


Will The Wedding Party Arrival Be Introduced? (required)

Approximate Time of Wedding Party Arrival/Introduction (required)

If Wedding Party is Introduced, What Song/Artist For Introduction? (required)

First Dance As Married Couple Song/Artist? (required)

Bride Dance with Father Song/Artist? (required)

Groom Dance with Mother Song/Artist? (required)

Parents Dance with Married Couple Song/Artist? (required)

Wedding Party Song/Artist? (required)

Married Couple's Last Dance Song/Artist? (required)

Dollar Dance? (required)

Bouquet Toss? (required)

Garter Removal/Toss? (required)

Bride's Parents' Names (required)

Groom's Parents' Names (required)

Please List Groomsmen and Bridesmaids In Order of Introduction (required) (Please phonetically spell any last names that are not common)

Ring Bearer Name (required)

Flower Girl Name (required)

How Would The Married Couple Like to be Introduced? (required)

Notes and Remarks (required)

We highly recommend taking care of any remaining balance before your event. All remaining balances are due within the first hour of your event. You understand your obligation to resolve remaining balance within the first hour of your event.

Photo Booth? If you are having a Photo Booth, please visit and choose a template and tell us how you want it to be customized. Have you done this yet? (required)

Approximate Location of Photo Booth Setup (required)

If you are interested in a scrap book for your Photo Booth, you understand you are responsible for providing the scrap book. We HIGHLY recommend using Elmer's Glue specifically. (required)

If you have chosen a Photo Booth, we ask that you designate a point of contact for our staff. The Photo Booth is an exciting addition to your event and children often gravitate to the Photo Booth. When this happens, the Photo Booth becomes a make-shift babysitting area. We encourage and appreciate the silliness in which a Photo Booth with fun props create, but this often leads to children getting rambunctious and damage occurring to our Photo Booth. This point of contact will be our go-to person for any situation regarding rambunctiousness. Please have them introduce themselves to our staff upon their arrival. This person will help us speak to any guest that might cause damage to our Photo Booth. As per the rental agreement, you are responsible for any damages and this has been a great way for us to reduce that risk.

Photo Booth Contact Telephone Number (required)

Photo Booth Indoors or Outdoors (required)

We will respond to you within 24 hours to confirm receipt of your worksheet. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please contact us at 563-581-1030. Thank you!

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