UPLIGHTING - The right lighting makes everything magical!

A Must-Have

Uplighting is quickly becoming a must-have option at most events. With the rapid rise in cool-running LED technology, the fixtures have become economical and most importantly, safe for use around hundreds of guests.


Transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary with uplighting. You can create an ambiance of soft candlelit romance with amber uplighting, or decorate your space in festive colors to achieve the look and feel you desire.
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Uplighting fixtures are placed strategically throughout the room to create brilliant columns of light that beam up the wall or architectural fixtures. Uplights are a dazzling way to tie together your design and décor elements.


  • Dubuque IA Uplighting
    Dubuque IA Up Lighting

Rent uplighting for an affordable, fun, and easy way to create your perfect look for any special event. Uplighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue and adding ambiance. Clients consistently tell us that renting uplighting has added more "wow" and generated more compliments than any other decoration at their event. The best part is that it is quick and easy for anyone to setup - no experience required! 


The number of up lights to use depends on your vision for the reception and size of venue.  We have provided up lights for hundreds of weddings, and couples have used as few as 2 up lights and as many as 80 up lights.  Here are our guidelines:

Seating Capacity

Accent Uplighting

Moderate Coverage

Maximum Coverage

50 people

4 - 8 up lights

11 up lights

18 up lights

100 - 130 people

4 - 8 up lights

16 up lights

30 up lights

130 - 200 people

4 - 8 up lights

20 up lights

35 up lights

200 - 250 people

4 - 8 up lights

24 up lights

42 up lights

250 - 350 people

4 - 8 up lights

26 up lights

48 up lights

350+ people

4 - 8 up lights

30+ up lights

50+ up lights

ACCENT UPLIGHTING: This look will add interest with uplighting without breaking the bank.  Choose certain areas of your wedding venue to highlight with uplighting, such as your head table (2 - 6 up lights), cake table (1 - 2 up lights), wedding guest book table (1 - 2 up lights), or dance floor (2 - 4 up lights).

MODERATE COVERAGE: This is the option for those who want to set the mood and create an elegant ambiance with uplighting.  Adds a nice overall effect to your venue with moderate coverage. Space lights 10 feet apart around perimeter of room.

MAXIMUM COVERAGE: For the "wow" effect, choose maximum coverage.  Event lighting professionals refer to this as a "color wash."  Basically, every inch of wall will be covered in colorful uplighting.  This is the icing on the cake for a beautiful venue.  Or, use a color wash to transform a drab venue into a modern, chic space. Space lights 5 feet apart around perimeter of room.


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