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Absolute Music Photo Booths are perfect for capturing all of those special and silly poses from your family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Call or text us today at 563-581-1030. Regardless if your event is indoors or out, we can accommodate your event. We set up the Photo Booth, stick around, and take it down. Call Absolute Music for your Dubuque Wedding Photo Booth today!

With our Absolute Music Photo Booths everybody wins! Our Dubuque Photobooth can be private or PACKED full of guests! With our Dubuque Wedding Photobooth you can get more faces per shot than most Dubuque photobooths. Absolute Music Photo Booths will not be limited by stairs or weight restrictions in elevators! You name the place and we’ll get our booth in that space!

How it works:

  • Absolute Music arrives early to set up your Photo Booth.
  • All we need is an 8′ x 8′ section of floor and an outlet.
  • We can do outdoor Photo Booth events as well!
  • Guests pick out a prop and enter the Photo Booth.
  • Groups of 1-10 can fit into our spacious, handicap accessible Photo Booth.
  • Guest push the button in the Photo Booth and the camera takes three to four shots.
  • The guests see themselves and a countdown on the photo booth’s internal monitor.
  • When the last picture is taken the guest see a message to pick up their prints outside the booth.
  • The strips are usually branded with event information.
    • Dubuque Wedding Photo Booths usually have the bride and groom’s names and date written at the bottom.
    • Commercial Dubuque photo booth events usually have a company or event logo at the bottom of the strips. 
    • At a wedding, one of the strips is usually put into a guest book and the guests keep the extra strip.
  • Two photo strips are printed per trip.
  • The photo booth strips can be color or black and white.

Add an Absolute Music Photo Booth to your wedding, party or event as an entertaining addition for guest participation. Our Dubuque  Wedding Photobooth rentals capture the wild and hilarious outtakes of party-goers and gives both you and your guests a timeless keepsake picture to remember your event.

Our Dubuque Photo Booths are a great excuse for guests of all ages to get crazy and have good, clean fun. Anyone can strike a pose and let down their guard in front of the camera… it’s pure fun and excitement! To add to the fun factor we also provide props for unique looks and scrapbooks for photos and guests to sign.

Our Animated .Gif Booth gives our Dubuque Photo Booth a modern update. Absolute Music offers a Dubuque Wedding Photo Booth that lets you take and share Animated .Gifs instead of just static photographs. Guests capture a few seconds of action and loop them to create a fun Animated .gif image, which can then be instantly shared.

Dubuque Photobooth

Dubuque Wedding Photo Booth

Absolute Music’s Dubuque Photo Booths are a common addition to every event and Animated .Gif and Slow Motion Video Booths are where weddings and events are headed. Absolute Music’s Animated .Gif and Slow Motion Video Booths come with quality lighting, cameras and equipment! You and your guests get to enjoy watching the live action happening in the booth and immediately after see the slow motion effects on the screen.

Dubuque Animated Gif Booth

Dubuque Photo Booth

Make your event unforgettable! Absolute Music provides Dubuque Photo Booths and are a HUGE hit at any event. All you need is a power outlet! If you have wireless internet, we can upload photos straight to Facebook as they are taken! Unlimited color photos and we bring a ton of props for additional silliness! Indoors or outside we can accommodate any event. We set up the booth, stick around for your event, and take it down.


Call or Text Us Today at 563-581-1030

Absolute Music’s Animated .Gif Booth is perfect for any type of event and uses the same professional cameras, lighting, and technology as our standard Dubuque Wedding Photo Booth to create stop-motion movies via Animated .Gifs live at events. Guests step in the Booth, several photos are taken rapidly and then looped together to create the animated .Gif. The GIF can be shared via Email, Facebook & Twitter. We can also print individual photos like a traditional photo strip to create a customized take-away. 

Dubuque Photobooth

Feel free to contact us or give us a call at 563-581-1030 to check availability for your upcoming event!

Dubuque Photobooth

Custom photo strips, one-of-a-kind props, crisp quality photos,  and so much more!

Dubuque Photobooth
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What is an Animated .Gif?

A type of .Gif image that can be animated by combining several images into a single .Gif file. Applications that support the animated GIF  cycle through each image creating a stop-motion movie. GIF animation has become extremely popular because it is supported by nearly all Web browsers and social media.

 How Do I Book a Date?

Call or text 563-581-1030 or email to check availability. We operate on a first come, first serve basis. We require a 50% deposit to secure your date on our calendar. The remaining balance is due before or within the first hour of the event.

How Much Room Does the Animated .Gif Booth and Slow Motion Booth Require?

Our Dubuque Photo Bbooths are happiest with at least 8 square feet to breathe. Our booths are adjustable to fit smaller spaces and can expand to fit loads of people.

Do We Travel?

Heck yes we travel! We love to travel! Typically our service area is 80 miles of 52001. If you fit in that radius there is no additional fee!

 How Does the Animated .Gif Booth Work?

Guests enter and activate the Dubuque Photo Booth. A count down alerts the user to a series of photos being taken. The photos are displayed briefly after each snap. Once all of the photos are taken they stitched together using some pretty awesome technical wizardry. From there, guests are given numerous social media options to share their videos. Don’t worry, guests can print the photos out as well if they so choose.

When Do You Setup?

Setup typically starts 60 minutes before the big event. We are happy to do an early setup and return when it is show time. This is extra helpful for avoiding noise/sight distractions during your event. (Idle hours are $50/hour)

Can The Animated .Gif Booth Be Set Up Outside?

The Animated .Gif Booth loves a solid platform (concrete, deck, dance floor) on a nice day. We stay away from muddy, gravel, and inclined areas. We need a contingency plan when the forecast calls for rain. Our Dubuque Photo Booth is a workhorse but we treat it like a box of kittens.

Are you ready to book us? Have a few remaining questions? Want to talk it out? Email, call, or text us at 563-581-1030 today for all of your Dubuque Photo Booth needs!

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Absolute Music is an elite group of professional DJs who exhibit energy, user-friendly attitudes, and perform with razor-sharp perfection. With over 22 years of experience you are in good hands! We have the awards to prove it! 

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Absolute Music DJ and Photo Booth entertains audiences both large and small leaving lasting memories to laugh about and share with friends and family.

Absolute Music is a company you can trust – a team of the highest quality professional Dubuque Wedding DJs at an affordable price. We take pride in each event we do, and are defined by the quality and attention we bring to our work. We are honored to provide entertainment and dedicate time and effort to your special event.

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